OHSAS Guidelines for Workplace Safety



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Year by year the number of causalities caused by the lack of occupational health and safety facilities are increasing. Hence, companies have tightened their policies to make sure that their workplaces are foolproof from any inadvertent accident. OHSAS is an international standard for health and safety in workplaces. Their standards help the companies to implement high quality health and safety guidelines. The British Standard institution put forward OHSAS standard, as there was an increasing demand for international guideline when it came to health and safety management.

In order to meet the standards set by oshas, companies need to implement some quality assurance procedures that ensure there are no health and safety risks within the organization. The procedures include:

Preparing a list of hazards that can affect the workplace and ensuring that proper measures have been taken to find practical solutions for the tackling the hazards

Assigning specific responsibilities to people and allocating the budget for successfully implementing OHSAS standards

To keep a record of the number of staffs who attended the workplace safety training

Monitoring standards to ensure that workplace health and safety quality is maintained

OHSAS courses will ensure that a company following their guidelines does not face any risk caused by accidents. This will save the company from fighting the legal battles as they have already provided health and safety facilities for their employees. OHSAS helps industries and organizations to ensure that health and safety management system is implemented effectively and is suited to their workplace.