Gold ore beneficiation plant



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Gold ore Processing Plant
At the Processing Plant, gold and silver are extracted from the ore. The processing plant alternates between treating ore from the Martha Mine open pit and from the Favona underground mine.
Gold ore processing consists of the following stages:
crushing and grinding of the ore
I.addition of process water (generally decanted from the tailings pond) to form a slurry
II.addition of lime to the ore, and cyanide solution to the slurry, to leach the gold and silver into solution
III.addition of carbon to adsorb dissolved metals and remove them from the slurry
IV.stripping the metals from the carbon by acid washing and circulation of a caustic cyanide solution
V.precipitation of the gold and silver by electro-winning
VI.smelting of metal products into bars of doré bullion
VII.pumping of the barren slurry (tailings) to the tailings storage facility.
VIII.The Processing Plant has the capacity to treat up to 1.25 million tonnes per annum of ore.