How to adjust the discharge opening of jaw crusher?



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The discharge opening of jaw crusher influences the capacity, so it is significant to know how to adjust the discharge opening.
The shims are fixed on adjusting base or movable jaw by angle steel and bolts; shims are between adjusting base and frame, above supporting frame; lifting bolt (or header and hydraulic jack) push adjusting base through bolt or shim, adjusting base connects with frame directly or through wedge, lifting bolt or heading and hydraulic jack can play adjusting role independently.
When adjusting and arranging the discharge opening, unscrew the nut of tension rod which strains the part appropriately at first, unclamp spring, unclamp wedge a bolt, unclamp the wedge one, tighten the jack bolt, it push forward the toggle seat and achieve some space, then take out the shim reaching the needs of discharging opening; if add more shim, it can reduce the opening; when reaching the needs, unscrew the jack bolt and the toggle seat with shims will be back to the frame under the weight of movable jaw plate note that the toggle seats should not contact with frame, then tighten the bolts and firm the framework, tighten the tension rod nut appropriately and tighten up the spring, namely finish adjustment.
In brief, the progress as follow:
1. Loosen the bolt properly; loosen the spring and tension rod
2. Loosen strain wedge bolt and loose wedge
3. Turning lifting bolt, impulse lifting adjusting base
4. Add or reduce gasket
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In the progress of produce, Cone Crusher trouble is inevitable. To optimize the produce progress, it is indispensable to know the common trouble shooting. The following gives some trouble situations and troubleshooting and you can check the machine yourself without professional repair. We have showed the first 6 trouble two days ago, if you want to see, check here. Or copy the website to your web browser:
Today we will show other troubles.
7. Trouble: Oil exists in the discharged water, oil temperature does not upswing
Cause: Bowl-like tile blocks the oil ring, and oil sink is blocked
Trouble shooting: Clean the oil dents and oil returning pipeline
8. Trouble: Crusher vibrates frequently during operation
Cause: (1)spring pressure is not enough
(2)feeding raw materials are too refined or sticky
(3)mineral feeding is unevenly or excessive
Trouble shooting:
(1)fix the pressure bolt cap on the spring or replace spring
(2)feed raw materials in the right way
(3)feed raw materials in the right way
9. Trouble: Crushing cavity lifts and generates loud thumping noise, then works normally again
Cause: Non-crushable objects falls into crushing cavity (iron falling phenomena), often causes the damage of parts of machine like breakage of main shafts, etc
Trouble shooting: Pay more attention to iron clump, use equipments like metal detector to take them out
10. Trouble: Uneven backing turning of transmission shaft makes loud noise, or clutch turns but breaking cone not turns after the noise
(1)dents of cone gears are worn away or damaged because of unqualified installation or the large gap between transmission shafts
(2)clutch or chains of gears is damaged
(3)main shaft is broken because of non-crushable objects fed in
Trouble shooting:
(1)change the gears and adjust the gap between dents
(2) replace chains.
(3)replace the main shaft and pay more attention to the non-crushable objects like iron
11. Trouble: Large blocks of raw materials increase in the final
Cause: Crushing cone lining board is abrased
Trouble shooting: Lower the fixing cone, reduce the gap

Jaw crushers are widely used crushing machines. They are used for disintegration of hard and medium-hard materials to obtain various product size. They are robust, their design and construction is relatively simple, they are easy to operate and maintain.
Main structure
Jaw crusher of Great Wall Heavy Industry Company is mainly consisted by following parts :
1. Frame; 2. Fixed Jaw Plates; 3. Left&Right Guard Plates;
4. Movable Jaw Plates; 5. Movable Jaw; 6. Eccentric Shaft;
7. Toggle Plate; 8. Adjusting Base; 9. Adjusting Screw Stem;
10. Adjusting Wedge Block; 11. Fittings of Tension Spring
The structure picture as follow:
View attachment 10151233543.jpg

Working principle
The eccentric shaft is driven by electric motor through V-belt and grooved pulley, and the movable jaw moves circularly, then the material in crushing cavity will be crushed.
The fixed jaw plates on front end of frame are fastened by right&left guard plates, while the movable jaw plate is fastened on movable jaw by lock block. If one end of the fixed jaw plate and movable plate (Normally is lower end) is worn-out, reverse and use another end.
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What can I do when there is knocking in diesel engine crusher?

When diesel engine crusher happened to a knocking in the progress of producing, don’t worry, it is easy to solve.

There are three reasons when appear a knocking,
1. There are unbroken materials in the machine.
2. Liner plate fastener is loose, hammer knocks on the liner plate.
3. Hammer or other parts breakdown.

1. Stop the machine and clean the cavity.
2. Check the liner plates and the cage bars.
3. Exchange the broken parts

More trouble and trouble shooting, check here, or copy this website to your browser:

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How to install PE series jaw crusher?

Jaw crusher is the big machine which is assembled by factory and shipped by parts after trial run without load. The user must check the amount after receiving this product so as to discover some problems form transportation. The first thing after unloading, is installing jaw crusher. Then how to install it?
Install jaw crusher

1. Because this machine vibrates largely when working, it must install on the ferroconcrete foundation. The weight of the foundation is 8-10 times than the machine. The depth of foundation must be bigger than the depth of freeze ground. The dimension and other data on the foundation drawing are for reference, not the construction drawing. It must set aside the preformed hole in order to install the ground bolts. The height of chute of discharge opening is up to the situation of location.

2. In order to lighten vibration, put not less than 10mm rubber as amortize cushion between crusher and concrete foundation when installation. After the cement curdle of second grouting, please screw down ground bolts. In this process you should determine level degree with gradienter, make sure the difference of level degree below 2mm. Machine frame’s level degree is very important, it can avoid the occurrence unilateral feeding in working, and avoid the damage due to uneven burden.

3. When install the motor, check the distance to the main unit, and ensure the center of motor wheel and center of groove wheel are parallel.

4. The size of discharge opening is adjusted as the need sizes and capacity. Dismantle spring before adjusting discharge opening. After adjustment, properly adjust spring tighten degree in case of draw. Details see adjusting part.
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How many roller crusher are?

Roller crusher you heard most is double roller crusher, which is most common type and enjoys great favor. Double roller crusher, as its name, is composed of two crushing roller that forms a V type crushing cavity to crush the raw material into the qualified sizes. The output size can reach 0.5 mm.

However, there are three roller crusher and four roller crusher. Adopted the structure of stagger arrangement, the three crushing roller of three roller crusher form two crushing cavities. When it works, the material fed into the V type crushing cavity of the two upper rollers first. After crushing by the extruding and cutting force of the two counter-rotating rollers, the materials fall into the second crushing cavity to be crushed again. So the output size can reach 0.3 mm, which is finer than double roller crusher.
As for four roller crusher, it is divided into two types: four rollers two crushing cavities and four roller three crushing cavities. Four rollers two crushing cavities means the four rollers inform two crushing cavities, which is parallel groups. The four rollers three crushing cavities means four crushing rollers form three crushing cavities, which is stagger arrangement as three roller crusher. As crushed three times, the output size of four rollers three crushing cavities can reach 0.1 mm, which is the finest.